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25 Decor Ideas That Make Small Bathrooms Feel Bigger

Whether it's a minuscule powder room or a give slow down scarcely enough room to scour, an ungainly washroom can truly inhibit your ability to shine. Fly through your morning schedule with these simple stockpiling and styling answers for minor bathrooms.

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Bath and Shower Accessories

These extras transform an unremarkable shower or shower into an out and out spa experience.

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How to Pull Off a Black Bathroom (That Doesn't Look Like It Belongs in a Nightclub)

You've been in a white, spa-like bathroom on numerous occasions. Try not to misunderstand us: It's exquisite. In any case, it's not your choice for a bathroom that feels like an extravagance escape.

summary-Kips' Bay: Scott Salvator

Kips Bay 2007 - Scott Salvator

An exquisite man of honor's bathroom from Scott Salvator.

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15 Stunning Bathrooms That Belong In Your Dream Home

Yes, our bathroom is a definitive haven—and perhaps yours is still while in transit to dream home status. Be that as it may, fortunately, meanwhile, you can even now dream a bit... since it never damages to gather inspiration.

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Twilight Field: Part 5 — The Bathroom

Newell Turner designs an unwinding bathroom with all the privilege touches for a smaller than expected spa encounter. To take in more about Newell's home in the Catskills, read our different stories on Twilight Field.

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9 Teeny Bathtubs Perfect for a Too-Small Bathroom

If you have a not as much as roomy shower, you presumably feel bound to a lifetime of showers. However, these little soakers are here to change your fate.h/t: Trendir

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30 Unique Bathroom Ideas to Steal

Functional doesn't need to mean exhausting. These unordinary bathrooms highlight inventive designs and paramount points of interest. For much more motivation, look at 100+ virtuoso bathroom ideas.

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From the Archives: A Seriously Blue Bathroom Goes for the Bold

Here, an ace suite takes what is regularly a no-fizzle shading plan — blue and white — and submits in a major, huge manner. Perhaps too huge. Initially showing up in a 1979 issue, the room is brimming with the time's patterns (false plants, rich floor coverings, mirrors in abundance), and its a long ways from the present mainstream spa-like baths.