DIY Flower Chandeliers Are Taking Over Dining Rooms

DIY Flower Chandeliers Are Taking Over Dining Rooms

Floral ceiling fixtures are just the same old thing new in the world of weddings — however they are getting increasingly excessive as the years go on.


Chelsea Costa at The Sweetest Occasions has the ideal amateur instructional exercise. A modest bunch of provisions and some flawless Snapdragon blooms are all you requirement for this basic, yet exquisite, piece. Ace tip: Your string is the thing that keeps the florals from falling into somebody's supper plate, so ensure yours is sturdy!

Get the full instructional exercise here.


For more surface, this DIY from Erica at Honestly WTF is the ideal pick. Like the Costa's form, this light fixture doesn't require numerous instruments — just some hot glue and lace to secure your blossoms. Since you utilize sprouts of various statures and weights for this look, it's imperative to uniformly disperse the blooms by weight around the embroidery hoop so it hangs effectively. (Attempt a sewing hoop on the off chance that you need a significantly greater piece!) Finish it off with lace trim, and you have yourself a staggering arrangement.

Get the full tutorial here.

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The hanging blossom ceiling fixture will leave your visitors puzzled. This idea from We Are Scout has two levels and resembles it's simply drifting noticeable all around, on account of angling line. Once more, it doesn't require numerous provisions; this variant uses a hula hoop and also a wire loop. When you string them two together, add greenery to the best and just florals to the base. This well ordered is more best in class be that as it may, come on, totally worth it.

Get the full tutorial here.

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