Colors with Great Names

Colors with Great Names

Get Back Jack

Death by Chocolate: What an approach! Only outstanding amongst other names — and best paint hues — suggested by House Beautiful designers.

A Chocolate Entrance


"I believe it's entertaining they named this EMOTIONAL, in light of the fact that shading as a rule is so passionate — researchers are continually doing these examinations about what a red room or a blue room does to you. This is a block orange that feels vigorous, sure, and defensive — no emotional well-being treatment required here! I thought this little coatroom required a solid shading to make it its very own individual space, not only an idea in retrospect. It appeared to be marginally unsafe to utilize it, which may be the reason I loved it to such an extent." - Thomas JayneSHERWIN-WILLIAMS EMOTIONAL SW6621

Come Sail Away



Dorian Gray

"Remember how Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray never got old? Neither does this shading. I utilize it over and over at whatever point I need climate. DORIAN GRAY is the palest blue-dark you can envision, delicate and unpretentious, similar to a fog. You barely see it's a shading by any stretch of the imagination. Fantastic in a bedroom — there's nothing bumping about it, and you can blend any shading with it." - Whitney StewartC2 PAINT DORIAN GRAY C2-478

White Bedroom with a Touch of Gray

A shading like Dorian Gray was utilized as a part of this white bedroom.


"This is a warm beige — the shading a chocolate drain shake turns once you've mixed in the whipped cream. Drain SHAKE brings back affectionate recollections — drive-in motion pictures, football games, cheerleading, twofold dates, the prom — when there were just three channels on the TV! A chocolate shake after school — well, there was never an apprehension in those days." - Charlotte MossBENJAMIN MOORE MILK SHAKE 1165

A Light and Airy Living Room

What better approach to paint a room than with a shading called Milkshake? A comparative shading was utilized as a part of this light and breezy living room.

Going to the Chapel

"Even however I'm known for a delicate nonpartisan palette, I continue getting contracted by individuals who cherish shading. I can do both, and I clarify it like this: I am hitched to beige, yet I have illicit relationships with shading. Heading off TO THE CHAPEL is much the same as a marriage — agreeable, decent, with only a trace of dark. As a matter of fact, that kind of depicts my better half. A super-nonpartisan, safe shading you can remain with for quite a while." - Phoebe HowardBENJAMIN MOORE GOING TO THE CHAPEL 1527

Going to the Chapel


Sweet Caroline

"SWEET CAROLINE...Da-da-dah. Wager you're now singing the old Neil Diamond tune. I'm a Southern person, and it takes me back to summer days in the convertible with the radio playing. Adorable name, however it's a modern shading — a fresh, light green with a dim suggestion. It makes everything else in the room wake up." - David MitchellBENJAMIN MOORE SWEET CAROLINE 478

A Light and Bright Kitchen

With only a touch of green and yellow, who wouldn't have any desire to wake up and have their breakfast in a room like this one?

Mouse's Back

"I most likely shouldn't concede this, yet now and then when it's down to a few hues and I can't choose, the one with the best name wins. I cherish MOUSE'S BACK, not that I feel weak at the knees over rodents, but rather behind the odd name is the most stunning tanish olive-dark. Smooth it out with creams and dull tans or kick it up with greenish blue or consumed orange." - Jeff AndrewsFARROW and BALL MOUSE'S BACK 40

A Sophisticated Sitting Room

A comparable shading to Mouse's Back was utilized as a part of this modern sitting room.

Get Back Jack

"GET BACK JACK sounds sorta Sammy Davis Las Vegas 1970s, which is sufficiently remarkable in its own particular right. In any case, the shading — the most profound of purples with simply enough red to give it some oomph — is very exquisite, and would be flawless in a dining room, lacquered, with loads of white trim and possibly a silver-leafed roof. Sammy would snap his fingers!" - Ken FulkC2 PAINT GET BACK JACK C2-002

Dark and Eclectic Bedroom

Get Back Jack sets to the tone in this ace bedroom.

Final Straw

"The most entertaining names are in the C2 fan deck, presumably made up by a similar stoner folks who named Ben and Jerry's frozen yogurt flavors. Some of my top picks are Yellow Submarine, Twilight Zone, and FINAL STRAW. With each bit of news nowadays, we're all feeling like it's the last bit of trouble that will be tolerated! Decent to discover one that is really bright, glad, brilliant. Helps me to remember warm, welcoming established rooms where delightful individuals live with nice looking furniture and no one is stressed over anything aside from enriching." - DD AllenC2 PAINT FINAL STRAW C2-380

Bright Guest Room

A shading like Final Straw was utilized to light up this visitor room.

Death by Chocolate

"This resembles the best chocolate that you purchase for yourself and put something aside for those extreme minutes. Simply knowing it's in the house can get you as the day progressed. Demise BY CHOCOLATE is more profound than customary tans — just underneath the surface is a shine of pomegranate that quickly gets rid of reason. It's mischievous. It's energetic. On the off chance that you aren't excessively timid, making it impossible to leave the light on, this is the paint for you." - Mallory MarshallC2 PAINT DEATH BY CHOCOLATE C2-339

A Chocolate Entrance

A shading like Death by Chocolate was utilized as a part of this portal, making it exceptionally decadent.

Chilled Chardonnay

"Just like a delectable glass of its namesake, CHILLED CHARDONNAY has wide interest. It's unwinding and reviving. Think about that reasonable, fresh shimmer. I could utilize a glass at the present time! This is a brownish beige — extraordinary for displaying different hues. It would look extremely keen with dim wool, blue-and-white chintz, or stunning pink chenille. An extraordinary no-push shading to use all through the house." - Susan Zises GreenBENJAMIN MOORE CHILLED CHARDONNAY 1089

Chilled Chardonnay in Use

A shading like Chilled Chardonnay was utilized as a part of this office and sitting area.

Dead Salmon

"As an angler and a foodie, I generally have pleasant contemplations about DEAD SALMON. I see a salmon resting in my creel or on my plate in an area eatery. Customers, then again, frequently can't move beyond the picture of a dead fish, so I simply don't disclose to them the name. In any case, they cherish the shading. It resembles a pink that is gone dim after some time and gone up against this great patina. Testy and dazzling." - Philip GorrivanFARROW and BALL DEAD SALMON 28

Neutral Bathroom

No one needs to think about a Dead Salmon in the bathroom, yet a shading called Dead Salmon truly works in this chic bathroom.

Come Sail Away

"Who wouldn't like to acknowledge an encouragement to COME SAIL AWAY, regardless of whether just in a crisply painted room? This is the thing that water looks like when the sun hits it — a great delicate blue that isn't too cold, on account of a drop of green. It would be impeccable with unadulterated white trim, khaki slipcovers, and ocean grass floor coverings for summer. It would likewise give an entryway patio roof, or any roof, an ethereal, sky-like quality." - Todd KleinBENJAMIN MOORE COME SAIL AWAY 846

Come Sail Away in the Bedroom

A shading like Come Sail Away was utilized as a part of this ace bedroom.

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