Botanical Print Wallpaper: Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Botanical Print Wallpaper: Bring the Outdoors Indoors

summary Fig in Blue

You don't need to put it all on the line to bring home a touch of nature. Simply unroll the intense new look of natural print wallpaper.

Fig in Blue

Fig in Blue

Quirky and fun loving, yet rich, in delicate blues and cool neutrals. COLE and SON THROUGH LEE JOFA: 800-453-3563.

Lamerton in Aqua

Lamerton in Aqua

Wind-stirred and drawn with fine detail — so sensitive, so marvelous! COLEFAX AND FOWLER THROUGH COWTAN and TOUT: 212-647-6900.

Tatami in Moss

Tatami in Moss

A solid geometric, and as new as snowflakes. What's more, we adore the pink stripe! DESIGNERS GUILD THROUGH OSBORNE and LITTLE: 212-751-3333.

Splitleaf in Amber

Splitleaf in Amber

We adored the X example of this sensational climbing leaf. You'll be whisked away to the bright tropics. Cave HOME: CAVERNHOME.COM.

Natural Leaves in Brown

Natural Leaves in Brown

Earthy and uncommon. Genuine magnolia leaves on a rich chocolate ground. RONALD REDDING FOR YORK WALLCOVERINGS: 800-220-6730.

Sherwood in Color 01

Sherwood in Color 01

When light falls on these gleaming leaves, this paper comes sparkling to life. OSBORNE and LITTLE: 212-753-3333.

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