20 Traditional Bathrooms with Timeless Style

20 Traditional Bathrooms with Timeless Style

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Brash hues and striking backdrop? No, much obliged. These traditional bathroom designs feel more like an unwinding spa given their rich tones and lavish touches. Simply include cucumber cuts for moment stretch alleviation.

A Traditional Bathroom

Black and White

Designed by Barbara Westbrook, this Atlanta bungalow's main bathroom with beadboard dividers has an easygoing American feel to it.

Nautical Bathroom

Soft and Elegant

Laura Kirar designed this bathroom as a lavish withdraw for a bustling mother — a place to spoil herself. The seven expansive angled window outlines a sculptural tub. Ideal for a long drench.

Bathtub Beauty

Glossy Layers

The tiles in this Georgia shoreline house's bathroom sparkle proudly. "Numerous individuals utilize matte tiles nowadays, however the radiant spa-like complete of cleaned tile — it feels costly," says designer Jim Howard.

Subtly Pink Bathroom


David Kleinberg based the design of this Long Island home's sink-remain off a French iron reassure.

Multi Hued Bathroom

Fresh White

Designer David Jimenez needed this Kansas City home's bathroom to feel like a spa, selecting metro tile on the dividers and marble for the ledges and floor.

Mahogany Bathroom Accents

Seaside Retreat

To mirror the sea outside this Laguna Beach bathroom, designers Heidi Bonesteel and Michele Trout included a fringe of turquoise blue tile. The dividers are done with one-foot square tiles, which give the room a perfect look on the grounds that there are less grout lines.

A Casual Bathroom

Timeless Touches

The bathroom in House Beautiful article chief Newell Turner's New York home is straightforward yet snazzy because of the spotted floor tile.

Soft and Elegant

Relaxed Industrial

In the main bathroom of her light-filled home, picture taker Amy Neunsinger joined a rich paw foot tub with an easygoing woven rug.

Luxurious and Spa like

Courtyard Appeal

In this serene Arizona home, the ace shower has a perspective of a private encased garden. An old fashioned crystal fixture and ivory dividers round out the space.

A French Inspired Bathroom

Light Lift

Designer Lindsey Coral Harper didn't strip the obsolete shower in this North Carolina home. She basically refreshed the apparatuses, included marble tiles, and coated the tub white to make a crisp desert garden.

A Spalike Bathroom

Nautical Escape

The visitor shower in Ken Fulk's summer home "feels legitimate to the time of the house, yet in addition spotless and current," he says.

Under the Sea

Bathtub Beauty

The dousing tub becomes the dominant focal point in the ace shower of this agreeable lone ranger cushion designed by Parrish Chilcoat and Joe Lucas.

Relaxed Industrial

Subtle Pinks

"The ace shower is genuinely ladylike: a quiet and pretty desert garden," says designer Christine Murphy in regards to the bathroom in this bright New York City apartment. Pale pink dividers coordinate the connotations of the marble tile.

Elegant Arizona Bathroom


Creating a pure shower for a Long Island home, designer DD Allen picked a blue palette yet did not restrain herself to one shade. The custom greenish blue shade of the cleaned Venetian mortar dividers grabs the blue in the floor tiles.

Traditional White Bathroom

Dark Chocolate

In an antique-filled Victorian house in Illinois, designer Annie Brahler picked the ace shower's rich darker paint to play up the splendid whites of the tub, blinds, and tiles. The gem light installation is a 1980s refresh of outdated glamour.

Old School Bathroom Glamour

Classic Woods

In a New England farmhouse, designed by engineer Nate McBride and interior designer Kari McCabe, the smooth woodwork in the guesthouse bathroom is propelled by mahogany watercraft trim.

Palm Beach Bathroom

Watery Blues

In this Palm Beach house, the main bathroom dividers are painted a uniquely blurred blue-green. Homeowner Liza Pulitzer Calhoun picked the cast-press paw foot tub since it felt "so friendly."

Vintage Bathroom Idea

Vintage Charm

Back in the eighteenth century when this Massachusetts farmhouse was worked, there was no such thing as an ace shower. So modeler Michael T. Dark and interior designer Hattie Holland cut one out of a foyer and added covering and window housings to make a feeling of the past. The shading "has a noteworthy inclination with that dark cast," Holland says.

Glamorous Gray

Glam Gray

"I adore a marvelous bathroom," designer Marshall Watson says. He transformed the ace shower in a Florida house into an outside desert garden with floor-to-roof windows, cast-press tub, custom vanity, and precious stone crystal fixture.

White Bathroom

Stark White

Calacatta marble dividers and a sparkling tub light up the ace shower of a San Francisco home that is generally covered with shading.

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